Yatzy Game Scorer

A Game Scorer powered by the
Costs to Expect API.

Yep, you read that right, a game scorer, you still need to be social and play the game.

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No designated scorer

No more designated scorers, no more, "Do I have my threes?", everyone gets and updates their own score sheet.

A screen shot of the score sheet for Yatzy

All scores

You can see all the scores, all the time, no need to bug the designated scorer.

A screen shot of the score sheet for Yatzy showing all player scores

One account

Only one player needs an account, sharable public score sheets for each player, tokens valid for the life of the game.

A screen shot of the basic admin controls

Stats (Coming soon)

All the stats you could possibly want are coming soon, we are working out the best way to visualise everything.